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Kits and Resources by Topic

The National Diabetes Education Program and many other federal, state and organizations provide materials in the form of “kits” to make materials easy to find and use. The goal of these kits is to save time, and provide customizable turn-key solutions to help workplace wellness staff and health care professionals plan, implement, and evaluate a specific health promotion intervention. Before implementing any of these interventions, review the kits to be certain the materials and interventions meet the needs of your employees and worksite.

In addition to the kits several stand-alone pieces including handouts, videos, promotions tools and brochures are included in the topic areas to support workplace efforts.

Need help using the materials? Technical assistance is available for CDC at insert link to contact email]. Helpful pointers can also be found in the Success Stories and Right Fit sections of this website. [insert links].


Q: Do I need permission to use any of the kits or materials?

A: Maybe. Government publications, including HWI toolkits, are in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without permission; a source citation is appreciated. Duplicate and distribute as many copies of these materials as desired.

Some kits may be provided at a small fee to cover shipping or a more substantial fee if they are offered by a not for profit or association. The costs and permissions associated with each kit will be found on the webpage associated with that kit.

Q: Can I modify example materials found in NDEP or HWI toolkits?
A: Yes. However, the NDEP, HWI and CDC logos must be removed if the example materials are altered. If in doubt please contact us [insert link] for more information about how to modify the materials. More information is available about co-branding NDEP materials [insert link to co-branding NDEP materials].

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