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Build Your Worksite Wellness Program

The research is complete. Management is on board. The budget is set. You have a plan.

Now it’s time to launch a workplace wellness program with a positive impact on the health and well-being of both employees and the company.  In this website section you will learn how to put into action effective diabetes prevention and management activities as part of an overall wellness program. 

Available resources determine the type of wellness program you can offer.  Several options from least intense to most ambitious are as follows:

  •  An information campaign provide information through employee communication tools such as newsletters, websites, posters and handouts.  Use information from the public domain such as Diabetes at Work.
  • On-site activities in addition to the information campaign, provide detection events,education and support sessions and wellness activities such as walking clubs.  Routinely review and revise policies that support employees in their health behaviors.  You can find information and strategy support from government and organization websites to help you keep costs low, or you may choose to engage a wellness provider.
  • Build a culture of wellness by providing both information and onsite activities and change the culture within your organization to focus on productivity and profits tied to a healthy workforce.  Provide onsite health suites and fitness opportunities, role modeling by management, robust policies and a comprehensive health insurance plan, and support a culture of wellness.

General information on worksite wellness programs can be found at the National Healthy Worksite Program.


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