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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Diabetes at Work resources are available to help you educate people about diabetes and ways to prevent, delay, and manage this disease. A series of lesson plans is available from Diabetes at Work to guide workshops, diabetes support groups, lunch-and-learn sessions, and other workplace or community meetings where people are learning more about diabetes.

These lesson plans can be used by:

  • Workplace wellness coordinators, health coaches.
  • Diabetes and other health educators.
  • Occupational health providers.
  • Primary care providers such as physicians, nurses, physician's assistants, and community health workers.
  • Other health care professionals such as pharmacists, podiatrists, dental health professionals, eye doctors, etc.
  • Human resources staff.

The lesson plans cover a broad variety of diabetes-related topics. Each lesson plan features:

  • Lesson objectives.
  • Script guide.
  • Suggested group activities or exercises.
  • Recommendations for shortening the lesson to a 15- or 20-minute session.
  • PowerPoint slides (also in Spanish for some lesson plans).
  • Handouts (also in Spanish for some lesson plans).

Although the lesson plans focus on diabetes, many can be adapted to discuss high blood pressure, heart disease prevention, weight loss and weight management, physical activity, nutrition, and stress management.

Lesson plan links are found to the left side on this page.  When using a lesson plan for a lunch-and-learn session, for example, be sure to:

  • Reserve space.
  • Secure a speaker.
  • Print out and download session resources.
  • Promote the session to employees.
  • Evaluate success - how many attended, what did they learn, were health behaviors changed.


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